You are your child’s first and primary teacher. No one knows your child as well as you do, and no one loves your child as much as you do.  At Help Me Homeschool Academy we’ll provide you with the guidance, support, structure, expertise, and accountability to help you homeschool your precious children with excellence and with confidence, even if you’ve never done it before. We have helped hundreds of families on this journey.

Our qualified instructors will do the hard parts by teaching live, interactive classes to your students, providing lesson plans, feedback and evaluation of their work. This combined with your oversight at home allows for a successful hybrid learning experience, giving you the time to discover and learn with your children and, more importantly, grow in your relationships.

We’ll help you select courses, set up structure, and bring a quality education to your children. Our curriculum is taught from a biblical worldview and is designed to provide a solid foundation, preparing students for college, career and life. We can also advise on extracurricular, athletic, college, etc and can provide record keeping for your student to produce a homeschool transcript. We have taken the guess-work and uncertainty out of homeschooling by providing a complete homeschool hybrid learning program. For more information see our FAQ page.