The Help Me Homeschool Academy directors are not new to homeschooling. Sue Puchferran, Liz Barber, and Jeanne Campbell bring a combined sixty plus years of experience home educating their own twelve children, as well as seventeen years of working together assisting families as they educate their children at home. Their own children have gone into the fields of medicine, law, accounting, business, computer science, art & design, and entertainment. In 2004 they founded the Home Education Enrichment Day program in South Florida to offer their own children the best learning opportunities in high school. They have continued offering academic advising and local classes to families for over seventeen years.

In 2020, they expanded their vision to include online learning. Help Me Homeschool Academy is the expansion of their vision, bringing the same excellent weekly academic classes right to your home. Help Me Homeschool Academy is a college and career prep homeschool program that offers live interactive online academic classes taught from a biblical worldview for your students grades six through twelve.

Help Me Homeschool Academy will help you select courses, set up structure, and bring a quality education to your children. They can also advise on extracurricular, athletic, college, etc. questions and concerns. You will have qualified instructors to do the hard parts by teaching small, live, interactive classes to your students, providing lesson plans, feedback and evaluation of their work. This combined with your oversight at home allows for a successful hybrid learning experience, giving you the time to discover and learn with your children and, more importantly, grow in your relationship together.

Sue Puchferran has written the book “Completing the Journey, a homeschool high school handbook” that has helped families around the state of Florida prepare their students for high school and beyond. This book is available on the HEED website. Click here to view the book now.