Homeschool graduation. Is there such a thing?

Home School High School Graduation, is there such a thing? Well there was quite a celebration for these 20 graduates and their 200 family members in Boca Raton, Florida this past May.  Families across our country will gather for graduation ceremonies this month, but very few will be quite like this one. What makes this ceremony most unique today is not their graduates, as amazing as they are, it’s not their extra-curricular sports and activities, their awards and scholarships, or their community service hours, it’s not even their academic success, SAT scores or the college credits they have accumulated, all of which are quite impressive accomplishments. What make a home school graduation unlike the others is the PARENTS, who have made the choice to take over their child’s education.


Only about 2 % of families in America make the decision to take over the education of their children. In 2020 American families were suddenly forced into schooling at home, and they got a glimpse of what home school parents do, and many of them are now completely convinced that homeschool parents are all superheroes or just plain crazy. The test results show home schoolers come out on top with higher scores than their public or private school peers. Parents are very successful in teaching their children and facilitating their education at home.  The truth is found in Deuteronomy 6 which tells parents to write His commands on our hearts and teach them diligently to our children, talk of them in the house, when we walk by the way, when we lie down and when we rise up.  What better way to do that than homeschooling.  Isaiah 54 states that if our children will be taught of the Lord great will be their peace, and peace is the hope for all parents for their children.


How did American education get so far away from homeschooling and its origins?  “For thousands of years, in thousands of places, families educated their own. This tradition changed not because a better method was found but because economic conditions required it… And while institutionalized schooling adequately addressed a set of economic problems it inspired a new set of human ones that are psychological, emotional, and even spiritual in nature. – David Guterson ‘Family Matters’. Around the world if you make this choice to home school you could be arrested.  In countries the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain, Japan, Greenland, Guatemala, Armenia, Iran, North & South Korea, Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, and more homeschooling is illegal. Homeschooling is not a new idea, but it has become less and less popular with governments.

Parents who made this decision have in many cases sacrificed to follow the Lord in this decision. Most parents start this journey with fears, concerns, and anxiety about whether they would be able to do the job.  That fear usually turns into tenacity and parents take on this challenge, work diligently, trust the Lord, and complete the job.  Graduation is the culmination of the efforts, prayers, and sacrifices of parents. Few people really know what goes through the heart and mind of a home school parent especially in our culture. This is a 24/7 job for years and years and all while swimming against the current.  Many sacrifices were made to arrive at this graduation day. Amy Carmichael stated it best when she wrote   “Now you have been deep in what seems to me a peculiarly selfless service. The spiritual training of children must be that. You work for the years you will not see. You work for the Invisible all the time, but you work for the Eternal. So, it is all worthwhile.”


Our graduates are amazing young people. They have worked diligently through trials in both their own lives and in our world today. They too have persevered and accomplished much.  These 20 graduates have been homeschooling for 230 years. Together they have accumulated over 8,500 community service hours and earned over 500 college credits. They have been involved in high school varsity Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Golf, Football, and 4H, Dance, Thespians, Robotics, Aviation, Tae kwon do, Conservative home Schoolers, Boy Scouts, and NCFCA Speech & Debate. They will be attending Florida Atlantic University, FAU Honors College University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Central Florida, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, Polytech, University of Bridgeport, Georgia Tech, Liberty University, and Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School.  They will be studying Pre-med Biology, two studying nursing, Bio- chemistry, four studying Business, two studying Engineering, Computer science, Communications & media, professional dancing, Art & Design, missions work, Architecture, Psychology, Journalism, broadcasting, Child psychology, Twitch-video game streaming and two are undecided.


Making a difference in the lives of children and families is what keeps us going.  RC Sproul describes it best, “Our vision for home schooling, for the raising up of children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, is not something we do just because we are supposed to.  It is this generation’s changing through the Holy Spirit’s power, the hearts of the next generation, and the next and the next.  It is generation after generation after generation of building the kingdom, growing to be more like Christ, to love Him, to know him.”


Well done and Congratulations to the class of 2020! … providing weekly k-12 classes to assist homeschooling families.

Thankful to the Home Education Foundation in Florida for protecting our right to home school.