Who we are and how we can help you homeschool

17 years ago, when many of this year’s graduates were just infants, in fact some of them may not have even been born, three home school moms had the idea to put together weekly classes that would help them homeschool their combined 12 children through middle and high school. They wanted to build a like-minded program with a Biblical worldview that would best prepare their children and others for college and beyond.  The Home Education Enrichment Day or HEED was founded.  HEED is not a school but instead a hybrid learning program to assist home educating parents to fulfill their responsibility by locating and securing qualified independent instructors to enrich our families’ home education programs. It is based in the belief that it is the responsibility of parents to train the minds of their own children to think rationally and biblically, to discern truth, and express thoughts clearly and persuasively.


They began by seeking out the best professionals to teach the children and they started small classes held on Thursdays.  Those first classes had about 50 students each week. Things began to change and multiply quickly. Today they meet Mondays for High School classes, Tuesdays for middle school classes and Thursdays for elementary school Adventures. Over 250 home school students will be a part of HEED next fall. They offer almost 70 classes in the program which includes 24 accredited college credits from Palm Beach Atlantic University. The three directors own 12 children have gone on to careers in medicine (3), law (1), accounting (1), computer science (1), business (2), art & design (1), media (1) and two still in high school.


Next year They are launching a new online HEED classes called Help Me Homeschool Academy.  (www.helpmehomeschoolacademy.com) These classes will be small 6-10 personalized live classes offered online with expert instructors offering accountability and solid curriculum mixed with exciting, personalized, loving delivery. They will have the same excellence as the live classes and many of the instructors will be the same. Research shows that learning is dependent 20% on curriculum and 80% on delivery. This is one factor that makes home schooling so effective. When a mom is teaching one, two or three children she can be both creative and unconventional in her delivery. Learning happens when the brain is engaged and what engages the brain? Well, it’s not rote memory work and workbook pages. It is excitement creativity, emotion, and adventure to name just a few elements. At HEED their instructors for Adventures, K-5th grade, and our classes, 6-12 grade, use many of these important elements in their delivery. Instructors also cover many of the subjects that parents feel unqualified to teach including higher level math, sciences or English, logic etc. HEED students have been incredibly successful in SAT and ACT testing and have been accepted at colleges and universities across the country (see website for listing).  Through the HEED program students build like-minded friendships and community. They also hold an annual high school graduation for graduates and their families.


Their mission remains the same today to serve God by assisting families as they educate their children at home. HEED continues to assist parents by providing the opportunity to join with other families to offer the best possible educational experiences for their children. The parent remains the ultimate teacher. The HEED local instructor is a facilitator, instructing the student in class, while the parent oversees and leads the student throughout the week. HEED local classes provide community for middle and high school aged students in an environment where they are encouraged to seek God first as well as pursue academic excellence.


For more information about the program visit www.heedhomeschool.com or for information about their new online program www.helpmehomeschoolacademy.com